Landlords – Window Blind Safety

The BBSA urges all Landlords of homes and publicly accessible buildings to ensure that any cords or chains of window blinds in their properties are not hazardous to babies and small children.

The standards for window blinds to improve the safety of new blinds changed in February 2014. Whilst no standard is ever retrospective Landlords obviously have obligations to ensure that their properties are safe.

When considering new blinds for a property always consider a blind which is Safe by Design first. A blind which is Safe by Design is one that is cordless or has concealed or tensioned cords. Typically these blinds are pushed or pulled into position.

There are other blind styles but these must have safety devices installed and working to ensure they are compliant.

Existing blinds can be made safer by fitting appropriate safety devices and ensuring tenants are fully aware of how to operate the blinds safely.

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