Insect Screens

Insect screens can be used on all types of windows and doors to keep out flies, wasps, moths, mosquitoes and other insects.

The most popular form of insect screen is a roller blind type system which uses a fine mesh screen. This runs in side channels either side of the screen and is flush fitting with the bottom rail. When this is fully closed, it provides a complete coverage. When not in use, the screen is protected and out of sight, preserving your view.

Insect screens have been traditionally used in commercial buildings especially where food preparation is involved. They are more increasingly used in domestic environment too, fitted to doors and patio doors, providing ventilation whilst keeping out all unwanted insects.

The mesh materials tend to be made of fibreglass and come in a range of colours and grades that can be washed in soapy water.

One of the new uses of fly screens is for folding door systems. This allows homeowners to open up the back of the house in the evenings and carry on using lights without being invaded by moths and Daddy longlegs.

Most insect screens are manually operated but electric operation is also possible.

See information on window blind safety here.

Insect screens are also known as Fly screens, Flyscreens and Mosquito screens.

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