Saving Energy

Blinds and shutters help to save energy in a number of ways by helping to:

  • Reduce heat gain in the summer
  • Reduce heat loss in the colder months – see video 
  • Harvest natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting – see video 

Equally importantly blinds and shutters can help to improve the thermal and visual comfort of staff by helping to create a productive and pleasant internal environment.

The BBSA has produced the definitive Guide to Low Energy Shading which you can download from this page or visit

To find a BBSA member to provide expert advice on using blinds and shutters to help control the internal environment click here

In 2011 the BBSA and Building Research Establishment (BRE) brought together an international line-up of experts to update delegates on regulation, measurement and the use of solar shading in all types of environments and the information is as relevant today as it was then.

You can see videos of the presentations on the links below:

Dick Dolmans – ES-SO (Belgium)

European Requirements of Solar Control

Ant Wilson – AECOM (UK)

Solar Gain in the Building Regulations Part L

Dr Mikkel Kragh (Italy)

Shading in Ventilated Facades

Anders Hall – Somfy (Sweden)

Automated Shading for Bioclimatic Facades

Peter Foldjberg – Velux (Denmark)

Solar Control in Active House

Hannes Gertsmann – BVST (Austria)

Solar Control in Passivhaus

David Morley – David Morley Architects (UK)

The Architecture of Shading

Dr Paul Littlefair - BRE (UK)

The Visual Impact of Shading

Cassie Sutherland – BBSA (UK) 

Retrofitting Solar Shading

Keep Warm


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Control Glare


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