Non-Retractable Louvre Arrays

As the name suggests these blinds do not retract but the louvres can be tilted to control the amount of light and heat entering through the glazing.

Non-retractable blinds were originally designed as a robust form of sun screening for museums and art galleries but are ideal to shade any commercial rooflight or sloping glazing. Aluminium or timber slats are mounted on nylon clips that are located on aluminium support racks. The system is very versatile and can be cut to fit virtually any shape of glazing. It is particularly suited to high-level windows or where control access is difficult. Aluminium slats are available in 50mm to 90mm widths and timber in 50mm. There is also a version for audio-visual purposes using an interlocking 90mm slat for a higher degree of light exclusion.

Mounted externally, using a reinforced 80mm slat, they are much more effective in rejecting solar heat gain than those fitted internally. When used externally, all aluminium components and sections are anodised or powder coated.

Types and operation:

With either a cord tilter or agearbox with a operating rod.

With a tubular motor mounted on a rack arm to a geared drive.


50mm, 80mm, 88mm and 90mm aluminium or 50mm timber.

Rack arm
Aluminium section that supports the slatting area.

Pivot arms
Nylon supports that are fitted into the rack arm and carry the slat clips.

Slat clips
Nylon clips that hold the slats.

Operating strip
Aluminium strip to connect the slat clips.

Drive shaft
Aluminium shaft that connects the rack arms to the operating mechanism.

Stainless studding with nylon clips to the rack arms.

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