Mid-pane Blinds

Mid-pane or interstitial blinds are often used in partitions but can also be fitted within external windows and glazing.

Many commercial offices use fully glazed partitioning. The addition of a venetian or pleated blind between the panes of the double glazed frames offers both privacy and the open plan effect. Typically on partitions venetian blinds are operated by a knob to tilt the slats and in some instances this is the only control. It is possible to have cords to raise and lower the blind also accessible on the frame of the window with a cleat to secure these cords.

For external windows, blinds fitted between double-glazing are more effective in reducing solar heat gain than blinds mounted internally. Controls are traced through the frame and are normally a combined monotype control utilising a gearbox for both raise and tilt functions. Operation is by means of a cranked rod or ball chain. It is advisable to consider access for the control mechanisms at the design stage and ideally the window frames should be pre-drilled before installation. 

In some glazing, micro venetian blinds are hermetically sealed between the glazing and operation of this type of blind is by a slider to tilt the slats or sometimes by a magnetic control.


Tilt Control
A flexible bowden cable with PVC sleeving from the headrail through the frame to an aluminium or plastic tilt knob.

Gearbox Control
Direct mono control from a gearbox in the headrail through the frame to an operating knob or ball chain drive.

Electric Operation
Usually only tilt/ rotation with a low voltage motor.

Dual Control
Cord lift traced through the frame within a spring and tied off to a cleat. Tilt control with bowden cable and PVC-coated steel twist rod. Not suitable for sealed units.

See sections on pleated and venetian blinds.

Child Safety

Always consider window blind cord and chain safety in buildings where children live or may visit. See information on window blind safety here.

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