Insect Screens

Insect screens are a requirement in food preparation areas and are a very useful addition to other opening windows, preventing flying insects as well as other unwelcome guests from entering.

The Food and Hygiene Regulations now require that windows in commercial food preparation areas that open to the outside environment are fitted with a means of preventing the entry of birds and other infestations. It is essential therefore that a properly designed screening system is used.

To be effective, insect screen systems should be permanently insect proof and moveable screens must have seals that remain insect proof even after thousands of opening and closing operations.

Types and Operation:

Fixed screens
Panels fixed direct to the window frame of a window which does not operate.

Sliding screens
Panels slide in a track system.

Roller screens
Roller blind type with boxing and side guides.

Screen doors
Self-closing screens for doorways.


Anodised or stove enamelled aluminium.

PVC coated glass fibre, rot-proof mesh.

Side guides
For roller screens to retain the edge of the fabric and to seal against insect ingress.

Child Safety

Always consider window blind cord and chain safety in buildings where children live or may visit. See information on window blind safety here.

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