Cellular Blinds

Cellular Blinds use a honeycomb fabric and can be used for all types of windows including those with shaped glazing.

This is a type of pleated blind where the fabric of the blind folds or concertinas up when the blind is retracted. When viewed from the side, this cellular fabric looks like a honeycomb structure allowing the inner cords of the blind to pass through the fabric and not be visible on either side of the blind. The space between the front and back faces of the fabric also acts as an insulating layer, making cellular blinds a good solution for preserving heat in the winter and rejecting heat in the summer.

Cellular fabrics come in a wide range of colours and some have a blackout lining so with no holes in the fabric these make effective dim-out blinds.

Like many blind styles, cellular blinds can be manually or electrically operated using low voltage motors.


Free hanging
Cord operation passing through a cord lock for operational control.

To be fitted in a rooflight or sloping window. Can be fitted with a frame or used with side channels and/or guide wires through the fabric. They may be cord, wand, hand draw or electric motor operated.

Most unusual shapes are easily covered using cellular blinds e.g. rectangular, triangular and circular.

Dual function
Three rails may be used with a different fabric in each section e.g. with the mid-rail to the headrail, a 'daytime' fabric is in the window and from the mid-rail to the bottom rail, a 'night time' fabric is installed.


Head and Bottom Rail sections
Made from anodised or painted aluminium.

Made from polyester.

From galvanised or painted steel.

Cord lock
Locking mechanism to secure the blind in the raised position.

Nylon is used to secure cord instead of a cord lock.

Tension wire
PVC coated steel or Kevlar coated cord is used.

Child Safety
Always consider window blind cord and chain safety in buildings where children live or may visit.

See information on window blind safety here.

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