Room Darkening Blinds

Room darkening blinds are roller blinds using opaque fabrics and channels around the sides of the blind to reduce light ingress around the extremities of the blind.

All blinds can restrict the amount of light coming through the glazing but when a high level of control is required over light levels, then a room darkening blind is required. It should be noted that it is virtually impossible to achieve 100% light exclusion with a blind that can be opened. 

Room darkening blinds can be operated in a variety of ways- from manual using a side chain, cord or crank handle to motorised blinds. In motorised blinds, the motor is fully enclosed in the barrel of the blind. An extensive range of control options are available with motorised blinds.



Can be spring assisted or plain roller operated by a pull cord and cleat, ball chain, pull tape, gear and handle or by an electric motor (see roller blind section).

Also cover or blind cloth.

Bottom Rail (also bottom bar)
Rail fitted to the bottom or the leading edge of the fabric.

Cross rib (also wind lath or windcheat)
A stiffening rod usually held in a pocket across the width of the blind to prevent wind or ventilation blowing the blind out of the casing.

Edge stud (also button) or edge bead (zip)
A device fitted to the edge of the fabric to prevent it from pulling out of the special side channel.

Blind box (also headbox or roller casing)
Total enclosure for the blind roller with removable face for access.

Side channel (also side guide or side groove channel)
Section in which the edge of the blind runs.

Cill channel (also bottom channel or bottom groove)
It forms the light seal at the bottom edge of the blind.

Fillets (also batten grounds)
Usually in wood, fitted to enable casing to be installed.

Light seal (also sealing strip)
Applied when fixing blackout blinds to uneven surfaces to render join light proof. Can be foam strip, felt, mastic or brush.

Child Safety
Always consider window blind cord and chain safety in buildings where children live or may visit.

See information on window blind safety here.

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