Anti-glare Blinds

Anti-glare blinds are designed to control the amount of light coming through the blind material resulting in reduced glare.

Many traditional blind materials help control the amount of light they permit or exclude through the cloth. This is determined by a number of factors including the thickness of the material, its colour, the openness of the fabric and of course the type of glass the blind is being used with.

However, anti-glare blinds are often associated with a transparent solar film fitted to an aluminium roller that may be spring-loaded, friction or chain ball side operated. Electrical operation by 24V DC and 240V AC motors is also possible.

Where conditions dictate, the roller blind can be mounted inside a cassette that will protect the film from dust, hostile atmospheres and possible mechanical damage when not in use.

Solar films consist of thin layers of polyester (can be clear or dyed to various colour specifications and degrees of darkness) to produce the anti-glare effectiveness of the film with a benefit of reduced eyestraining.

There may also be a micro-thin coating of aluminium between the layers that rejects infrared rays and gives the film its heat reflecting/heat rejecting properties. This feature can reduce heat build up and mean a saving in air conditioning power consumption and costs. All solar films absorb over 97% of UV light which reduces the fading effect (anti-fade) and other negative consequences of sunlight such as skin damage.


Grey/silver film
Offers a high degree of glare protection combined with a high degree of heat reflection.

Grey/grey film
This film has excellent glare protection without the obvious reflection associated with the above.

Bronze/bronze film
Almost the same properties as grey/grey but with a bronze hue.

Grey/gold film
Highly heat reflective with excellent anti-glare properties. The most effective of all the films.

Clear film
Anti-fade only. Used mainly in shop windows and hospital dermatology wards.

Amber film
Anti-fade with a little heat and glare rejection. Used mainly as shop window blinds

Child Safety
Always consider window blind cord and chain safety in buildings where children live or may visit.
See information on window blind safety here.

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